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1.Waste management extraction of copper machine brief introduction
extraction of copper machine
extraction or copper machine
The extraction of copper machine  is god for environment protection.So it won't pollute the water any more and small cover area occupied. And it is also easy installation and operation.
The separator of extraction of copper machine is suitable for processing all kinds of  copper wire cables. It can separate copper from plastic effectively by crushing, vibrating screening separation and vibration separation so as to achieve comprehensive utilization. It features good cost effectiveness, dust-free producing progress and second pollution-free property.

2.Waste management extraction of copper machine main feture
extraction of copper machine
extraction of copper machine
1. Easy to operate, and different kinds of waste wires can be crushed at the same time, don't need to be separated.
2. Separate the copper wire and the plastic completely, achieving the purpose of comprehensive utilization.
3. Have high purity of granules: 99.5 % !
4. Environment-friendly with dust collection system, no dust!
5. No water is needed for the processing.
3.Waste management extraction of copper machine  application

The extraction of copper machine application to all kinds of automotive circuit lines, communication cable lines and various waste wires that are not suitable to be processed by stripping machines. Such as: computer wires, automobile wires, tele-commmunication cables, electric telephone wires, etc.

extraction of copper machine
4.Waste management extraction of copper machine working steps

This extraction of copper machine  adopts a separation method without adding water during separating and selecting process. And this machine uses the machine with an environment-friendly separation method, such as air flow separator, air shaking table or electrostatic separator. The main technological process
is: Crushing-air flow separating and selecting-( electrostatic separation ) - dust collection.

extraction of copper machine
5.Waste management extraction of copper machine final product
extraction of copper machine