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14th Floor,Building 9,No.133 Yaozhai Road,Jinshui District,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China
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copper wire recycling machine
Copper wire recycling machine

The popularity of copper wire machine is due to the good quality of equipment and high sorting efficiency, which increases customer satisfaction. This has caused the daily maintenance of copper wire machines to be very important. How can we maintain them? Plastic silicone rubber sorting equipment manufacturers tell you some methods.
1. The clean copper wire machine is clean inside and outside. There is no oil on the sliding surfaces, chains, racks, oil pumps, oil holes, etc. The chips, debris, and dirt around the copper wire machine must be cleaned. ;
2. Orderly arrangement of materials and power lines in the yard should be organized;
3. Good lubrication, timely oil or oil change, continuous oil, no dry friction phenomenon, normal oil pressure, oil standard bright, oil flow, oil meets the requirements;
4. Safety compliance with safety practices, not overloaded equipment, miscellaneous copper and rice machine safety protection device complete and reliable, in time to eliminate unsafe factors.

copper recycled
Scrap copper recycled
Do you know how to maintain the copper wire machine? Only better maintenance of our machinery and equipment can make our work more efficient. DoingGroup specializes in the production and sale of plastic silicone rubber sorting equipment. Welcome to visit and inspect.

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