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14th Floor,Building 9,No.133 Yaozhai Road,Jinshui District,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China
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 e waste recycling machine
E-waste recycling machine
Now, gold and silver have already become the important materials of modern industry and national defense construction. The prices keep rising due to their limited reserve, production difficulties, and low yield, hence, many developed industrial countries have attached great importance to exploring precious metals from renewable resources. They placed the recycling of precious metals from scraps as important as the exploration of mineral resources, and established a series of management systems for the regeneration and recovery of precious metals.

E-waste refers to a variety of unwanted or scrapped electronic products.Nowadays, mobile phones, computers and other electrical appliances update rapidly, and a lot of waste household appliances were casually discarded. According to related experts, these discarded electronic wastes still have great value in use. An old mobile phone, for example, contains gold, platinum, silver, and palladium, as well as other critical raw materials. Roughly 130 kilograms of copper, 20 kilograms of tin and 0.45 kilograms of gold could be extracted from every ton of electronic boards. By comparing the contents to average market prices and the total amount of electronics being tossed out, they were able to learn how much money can be made. Obviously, E-waste recycling has already become a rising industry with huge profits.

Based on the big profits, there are a lot of exclusive methods have been developed to separate gold from electronic wastes , and there are quite a lot of companies engaged in exploring the gold extraction techniques in order to separate gold from the gold contained electronic boards. People used to adopt burning method, cyanide solution and aqua regia to refine gold, but they all have a lot of disadvantages. As the circuit boards do not only contain gold but also plastics and other materials. When burnt, these materials release fumes that are toxic, which pollute the environment and cause health problems to human body. Especially, cyanide and aqua regia are highly toxic. In a lot of countries, burning has been totally prohibited and there are also strict laws and regulations to use and disposal of cyanide.

Then, how to refine gold to be more easier and successful? Under the unremitting efforts of our research and development team, we have developed a much safer and faster way to extract gold. Doing group produced  e waste recycling  plant does not contaminate the environment and has no harm to human skin, which has been proved to be a suitable method to extract gold from electronic boards.

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