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copper wire
Scrap copper wire
With the development of rapid economy,  the country with individual-based recycling outlets and small businesses engaged in recycling of the rapid rise, the formation of a renewable resource recycling system, some of the street recycling of waste materials by small businesses, small traders gradually become a professional recycling business groups.

Waste cable recycling has been developed a long time in our country.  There is a large number of waste cable aging every year because the waste cable recycling line was out of wire and cable, these waste cable wires are copper or aluminum wire.Wire cable for scrap recycling process becomes a good environmental protection investment cable after prolonged use .And waste cable can cause corrosion or damage to the skin of the inner core, so  a large number of cables was abandoned every year, these abandoned cable in all copper or aluminum, .In order to ensure smooth production and timely supply ,recycling of these cables is a recycling waste environmental projects.

In the early recovery of waste cables, the most common approach is burning, incineration remove the sheath. Incineration purity recovered metal is relatively low, and in the incineration process will produce a lot of smoke pollution, so incineration burning soon be banned.

Copper wire recycling machine is a professional waste cable recycling machine, which separated copper and plastic separated, so the purity of recovered copper is relatively large, and can be reused plastic to make recycling waste generated is reduced. Waste cable recycling into different quality produced through the processing of metal and plastic, the price will be different. Light plastics prices in more than 2,000 yuan per ton. Copper metal prices based on purity may be.

Through innovative technology, cable recycling waste pollution generated less and less. In the recycling of used cable, while not only protecting the environment, also gave us a benefit.

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