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waste wire
Waste wire burned

In the past, when the technology was underdeveloped, the old waste wires collected in the old and the old markets were all burned with fire and the skins could be stripped off. However, if it were burned, it would pollute the air. In fact, waste cable recycling can promote the regeneration of resources. , It can also reduce air pollution, copper and rice machine is not the same as the different uses, followed by circuit board recycling equipment manufacturers manufacturers to tell in detail.
copper wire recycling machine
Copper wire recycling machine

With copper and rice machine equipment, waste wires can be used to waste tons of waste line kilograms of waste, and waste can also be used for environmental protection. Waste cable recycling can promote the recycling of renewable resources and can be planted in the fields. It can also be converted into Fertilizer vegetables. After the cable is recycled, the circuit board metal separating device can be used according to the specific purpose. The recycling of waste cable can promote the recycling of renewable resources. The cable is divided into bare wires, power cables, and operating cables. Shielded cables can also be used according to the purpose. Communication cables, radio frequency cables, etc. are classified into good categories so that they can be recycled again later. Waste cable recycling can promote the recycling of renewable resources so that all cables do not have the same place.
recycling machine
Scrap copper scraps

After the recycling of waste cables, the recycling of used cables can promote the recycling of renewable resources. Not all cables are put together for recycling, but they are categorized according to different cable conditions. The purpose of doing so is to maximize the value of recycling. Copper and rice machines minimize losses. The use of copper and rice machine scrap cables for recycling, compared with the use of natural resources, the use of renewable resources can save a lot of energy, water resources and production of auxiliary materials, waste cable recycling can promote the recycling of renewable resources to reduce production costs and reduce environmental pollution.
copper wire
Copper recycled 

Do you understand the advantages of copper and rice machines? So no longer afraid of air pollution, DoingGroup, specializing in the production and sale of circuit board recycling equipment, welcome to visit.

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