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Copper recycling process machine introduction
copper recycling process machine
Copper recycling process machine
Copper recycling process machine can separate the copper granulator from the plastic by the winding separation and the vibrating separation at last. The copper purity can be 99.99%
Copper recycling process machine has three exits: one for clear copper granulator, one for plastic granulator, another for dusty.

Copper recycling process machine feature
copper recycling process machine
Copper recycling proces feature
1.No water, no pollution, no noisy.
2.Change the waste wire into copper, low cost, high profit
3.Overall combined-type, small land occupation
4.High efficiency, 99.99% copper purity
5.Copper wire process machine is a overall combined machine, operated by the PLC, just need 1-2 person is ok.

Copper recycling process machine application
copper recycling process machine
Application of copper recycling process machine

Copper wire process machine can crush the household wire, telephone wire, computer wire, automotive wire and cables within 25mm into granulator.

Copper recycling process machine technical data

Item Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(Kw) Size (m)(L*W*H) Weight(T) Remark
1 DY-400 100-200 28.5 3.5×1.5×3.0 1.8  
2 DY-600 300-500 36.5 4.0×1.7×3.0 3.0  
3 DY-800 500-800 90.0 4.5×1.5×4.2 7.7 Doubling crushing system
4 DY-1000 800-1000 104.2 4.8×1.8×4.2 9.4 Doubling crushing system

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