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all kinds of waste wires and cable
All kinds of waste wires and cables

Automatic copper wire granulator is mainly used to dispose of waste communication wires, automobile wires, computer wires, telephone wires, household appliances wires and other oil-free wires. At the same time, the pulse dust collector is used to effectively control dust overflow, and the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99.9%, ensuring that there is no Dust pollution. It is the best equipment for reusing waste cable wires. 

copper wire granulator


The main features of the automatic copper wire granulator for scrap cable wire recycling are as follows:

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout and convenient installation.

2. The automatic copper wire granulator for scrap cable wire recycling adopts PLC control, so that the equipment is evenly fed and intelligently operated, which makes the operation more simple, saves time and labor.

3. The shredder adopts a high-hardness spindle, which makes the crusher more impactful when carrying the load.

4. Granulator. The granulator and air separator sorting equipment and dust collector adopt one platform combination, which makes the equipment easy to move and transport, which increases the flexibility of the equipment.

5. The granulator adopts an alternate cutter shaft, which makes the granulator have higher production efficiency, lower noise and more stable operation.

6. The automatic copper wire granulator for scrap cable wire recycling is combined with high-pressure electrostatic separator with air separator, so that the separation rate could reach to 99.9% or more.

7. For large quantity scrap cable wires, we also have the vibrating screen system to sort out the big particles out for secondary granulation again, thus to ensure complete separation of metal and non-metal.

8. Pulse dust collector effectively controls dust spillage, and the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99.9%. Fully in line with the national environmental protection requirements "Integrated Emission Standards for Air Pollutants" GB1629-1996, no secondary pollution.

9. The wearing parts and screens of the wearing parts are made of special wear-resistant and high-toughness alloy material, which improves the service life and reduces the production cost.

The process flow of automatic copper wire granulator for scrap cable wire recycling is as follows:


automatic copper wire granulator working process
copper wire recycling machine working process

Automatic copper wire granulator working process

Shredding or crushing , crushing the material into a size of about 3m, after being shredded or crushed, and then sorting by high-precision air separator to obtain plastic and copper, which is crushed and cleaned. And the plastic could be further separated by the electrostatic separator to ensure that no copper left in plastic. The device has a novel structure, uniqueness, large production capacity and low power consumption. The separation rate is high, one feeding, and multi-machine cooperation is completed. The whole line is controlled by PLC and is at the leading level in China. The development of this machine is successful, that is, it solves the problems in the method of incineration and copper extraction, and can improve the quality of copper utilization, and can reuse plastics while avoiding environmental pollution problems.

The technical parameters of the automatic copper wire granulator for scrap copper are as follows:  


Item Model Capacity(Kg/h) Power(Kw) Size(m) Weight(T)
1 DY-C-100 100-150 27.5 2.90*2.35*3.50 2.0
2 DY-C-300 200-300 60.2 4.95*2.35*3.50 2.2
3 DY-C-500 300-500 67.0 7.35*2.35*4.10 4.2
4 DY-C-800 600-800 80.5 8.85*2.35*4.10 4.5
5 DY-C-1000 800-1000 82.0 10.85*3.80*4.10 5.5




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