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copper wire recycling machine
Water separation type copper wire recycling machine

The water separation type copper wire recycling machine is wet type separation equipment, the idea of this separation method derived from beneficiation. The water separation type main working process is the use of gravity table sorting, the main working  process flow is:  Feeding vibration sorting machine for crushing(add water) - gravity table, plastic material outlet, circulating water system, etc. Due to use the water circulating system in the production process, it avoids secondary pollution to the environment, and it can effectively recover  scrap mixed wires, plug wires, and thin wires, etc.
water separator type copper wire recycling machine
Water separation type copper wire recycling machine conveyor
1) Feeding vibration sorting machine: It is a device for separating skin and copper powder mainly in the form of vibration. There is a feeding zone above it to put the skin (including copper powder) processed in the HL-600 crusher into it. Under the shock of water, the copper powder is completely separated. A flow control valve is provided at the copper outlet to adjust the copper speed and copper output. The copper recovery of this device is almost 100%.

2) Bucket agitation system: After the input material passes through the feeding vibration sorting machine, after  the feeding vibration process, only the outer skin (PVC, PE, etc.) will remain. These skins will enter the water tank agitating system and are separated and sent into the water by the action of the agitation and the discharging dirt pump. To the plastic gravity separation. The bucket mixing system consists of two buckets and two mixers.

3) Plastic Gravity Separation: It is a device that separates PVC and PE according to the specific gravity from the skin fed by the bucket mixing system through internal rotation and water flow change.

4) Plastic material outlet: It is a device that separates PE and PVC from the plastic gravity separation. It has two discharge ports, namely PVC discharge port and PE discharge port.

5) Circulating water system: It is a circulating water system that runs through the entire system. The water passes through two sewage pumps and one suction pump to connect all the subsystems in series, so as not to waste a single drop of water and prevent secondary pollution. effect.

final products of copper wire recycling machine
Final products of water type separation copper wire recycling machine

The biggest features of the water separation type copper wire recycling machine are:

1) The entire system can recover all the copper, including the HL-600 equipment can't recovery copper, it's better than the HL-600 equipment;

2) Simple operation and easy maintenance;

3) It belongs to semi-permanent equipment and only needs regular maintenance;

4) Low power consumption: The power of the entire machine is less than 10KW;

5) Fully automatic process, only 2 people (1 person feeding, 1 person receiving skin), save a lot of labor;

There are no secondary pollutions in the circulating water system, so the surrounding environment is clean and energy-saving and water-saving can be achieved.

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