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14th Floor,Building 9,No.133 Yaozhai Road,Jinshui District,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China
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copper cable granulator machine
Copper cable granulator machine
Doing company specializec in copper cable granulator machine for recycling waste copper cable and separated copper and plastic .The Wire stripping tool for recycling copper for its high economic benefit, low energy consumption, durability and reliability.

Copper cable granulator machine a variety of miscellaneous materials the Φ25mm following speed cable and wire strippers are not suitable for processing in a variety of specialized processing and auto electrical lines, communication cable cable, shock sieve separation after crushing processing,separation with washing.

Thoroughly to separate the copper and plastic, and to achieve the comprehensive utilization of purpose, with a higher economic efficiency.

No water at the processing and no dust and no secondary pollution.
Only put the waste wire into the feeding mouth, the copper and plastic will be separated by vibrating. The copper purity is 99.9%.

Copper cable granulator machine is the overall modular structure, easy installation and commissioning, and transportation (customer purchases power can be produced), and stable performance.

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